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02/29/2024 -

Data drives efficiency, accuracy

Exhaustive data collection paves the way for operational efficiencies, especially in finances and risk forecasting, in the aviation industry. Rigorous data collection has allowed Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP) to implement solutions that streamline processes in multiple areas of the busine

02/28/2024 -

Consultant’s Insight: Last-mile delivery by drones on the rise

The number of packages delivered by drone increased by more than 80% from 2021 to 2022, reaching almost 875,000 deliveries worldwide, according to consulting firm McKinsey. That number is expected to have grown even more in 2023 and to continue to grow in 2024, thanks partly to a September ruling

02/27/2024 -

Airfreight rates slump after Lunar New Year

Global airfreight prices continue to trend lower following the Lunar New Year, with the Baltic Air Freight Index falling for the second week in a row. The index fell 5.7% week over week for the week ending Feb. 26, leaving its annual decline at 25% year over year, according to the latest data from

02/27/2024 -

Natilus’ Matyushev joins drone webinar

The Air Cargo Next editorial team is pleased to announce that Aleksey Matyushev, chief executive and co-founder at Natilus, will join the webinar “The Role of Drones in the Future of Air Cargo,” which will livestream on Tuesday, March 26, at 11 a.m. ET. Learn more and register for the free webinar

02/27/2024 -

DHL expands US pharma sites with $200M investment

DHL Supply Chain will grow its life and sciences facilities in the United States to 40 sites from 35 and invest $200 million to expand its presence in Pennsylvania and North Carolina by the end of the year. In conjunction with a growing demand for domestic weight loss and diabetes medications, DHL

02/26/2024 -

Freightos revenue rises 6.3% in 2023

Freightos today reported $20.3 million in revenue for 2023, an increase of 6.3% year over year, after processing just over 1 million transactions. “It was our first year as a publicly traded company and we take pride in having been able to raise money during a challenging year for tech investment a

02/26/2024 -

Boeing hit by damning report faulting safety procedures

U.S. regulators issued a scathing report on Boeing Co.’s safety culture, putting further pressure on the company as it contends with the fallout from a near-catastrophic accident at the start of the year. The U.S. planemaker was faulted for ineffective procedures and a breakdown in communications be

02/24/2024 -

LATAM cargo revenue falls 17.4% in 2023

LATAM Airlines Group reported $11.8 billion in 2023 operating revenue, an increase of 23.9% year over year. However, cargo revenue was down 17.4% YoY to $1.4 billion. THE BIG PICTURE: Though the carrier’s cargo revenue figures were down from 2022, they were up from 2019, according to the earnings r

02/24/2024 -

Digital Pulse: AMS launches upgraded port community system

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol upgraded its port community system this month after four years of collaborative development with its cargo information platform, Cargonaut. The port community system (PCS) is a single-tech platform for information and data exchange between all internal cargo stakeholders

02/23/2024 -

Rock-It Cargo adds digitalization to the party

Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay, but Rock-It Cargo is changing its tune. The Los Angeles-based freight forwarder, a subsidiary of Global Critical Logistics, issued and processed the first electronic merchandise passport in the United States this week. The company says it is the largest specialty ca